Feeling Good to Live Your Fullest Life

I could tell you where I went to school, about my dietetic internship, and some of the different places I’ve worked, but those things won’t really help you get to know me. And if we’re going to be working together, I believe you should know what you’re getting yourself into 😉


I consider myself funny, compassionate, gentle, honest, and witty. I love the outdoors, animals, and going out to eat. I love a good adrenaline rush and have gone sky diving and cliff jumping. I have a passion for always trying to enjoy life to the fullest and that’s what fuels my passion for health.


When we work together, you can expect that I will have the same passion for your health too! I want you to live a life you enjoy for as long as possible. Getting help to taking care of yourself can help make that happen.

Chrissie 4.jpg


  • Registered & Licensed (OH) Dietitian 

  • Expert in nutrition for eating disorders & vegetarianism/veganism

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Member

  • Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group Member